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We, the alumni of Tuskegee University, must share the history and Tuskegee Experience with our professional colleagues, future students, and friends.

We, the architects, must continue to design the built environment we wish to see with the memories of those who laid the foundation of Mother Tuskegee.

We, the master builders, must continue to lay foundations that stand for years to come as the students once did to establish the built environment on Tuskegee's campus.

About TACAA...

The Tuskegee Architecture and Construction Alumni Association (TACAA) was founded in 1980 to support the advancement of the architecture and construction science management programs at Tuskegee University.


TACAA maintains and enhances a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni through our website, email blasts, meetings, events, and opportunities. 

Create the change you wish to see in your Association by getting involved, sharing your voice, and making a difference in the lives of students and alumni worldwide. 


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Our presence at Tuskegee has taught us that we must embrace our history, maintain a lasting network with our fellow colleagues, and provide support for our university, alumni and its students. As we unite and collaborate with one another, we recognize the multitude of opportunities to support and advance the University through positive, working relationships and involvement as areas of improvement are recognized. TACAA is ready to provide the necessary support and this support begins with your feedback. 

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