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October 24, 2015

2010-2014 ARE Pass Rates & Accountability Buddies

Each year the National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB) publishes stats on each university's ARE results. The following are the pass rate results of Tuskegee architectural graduates from 2010 - 2014:


Statistics courtesy of: NCARB


There is no doubt that the profession is changing and architectural graduates are capable of entering many fields. We have become successful construction managers, facility managers, project managers, certified planners, educators, and much more! Although our skills are limitless, many emerging professional still maintain the desire to tackle the ARE, which means the Tuskegee Architecture and Construction Alumni Association (TACAA) will provide support and a community for those who wish to offer encouragement and accountability for the future of Tuskegee licensed architects. Please allow the previously mentioned statistics to serve as encouragement that we, emerging professionals, have the power to alter these results as we move forward in our careers.


If you are either testing now or wish to begin testing soon, please consider joining the accountability conversation that allows you to share words of encouragement, concerns, success, and even failed attempts. You never know what words will become stepping stones and boosters for others to overcome their fears and tackle the ARE. 

October 17, 2015

NCARB IDP Log Template

Download the latest version of the NCARB IDP Log created by TACAA President Jennifer Matthews!


This template has been created to assist architectural designers and students in their efforts to maintain an accurate (Monthly) account of NCARB Intern Development Program hours. The template also serves as an excellent communication tool between designers and mentors to pin point the necessary hours to complete your IDP requirements.



1) Visit the following website to log in to your NCARB IDP Record: https://my.ncarb.org/Login/


2) Click NCARB Record "Go" > IDP > New Experience Report > Select Experience Setting > Insert Required Information > Continue.


3) Insert hours based on designated category, as indicated by chart, and submit hours for your IDP Mentor to approve. *Note: Hours being logged cannot exceed your "Average Hours Per Week."


4) Provide mentor with PDF of chart summary and check NCARB account to make sure hours have been approved. Happy Logging!

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