NCARB IDP Overhaul

On June 29, 2016, the NCARB Intern Development Program’s (IDP) current 17 experience areas will be realigned into six broad practice-based areas:

NEW EXPERIENCE AREAS (Total 3,740 Hours)

Practice Management

Project Management

Programming & Analysis

Project Planning and Design

Project Development & Documentation

Construction & Evaluation


Another new feature is that the overhauled IDP will have two experience settings - Setting A: Practice of Architecture and Setting O: Other Experiences.

Setting A: Practice of Architecture (1,860 Hours Minimum)

All requirements and definitions will remain the same.

Setting O: Other Experience (1,860 Hours Minimum)

A number of existing supplemental experience opportunities - including site visits, construction site visits, construction work, and design competition - will be incorporated into Setting O. Starting June 29, 2016, the following experience opportunities will fall under Setting O:

When the overhauled IDP launches, the following opportunities will no longer be eligible for IDP or additional jurisdictional experience:

  • Emerging Professional’s Companion (EPC)

  • GBCI LEED AP Certification

  • Advanced Degrees

  • AIA Continuing Education LUs

  • CSI Certificate Program: CDT

  • Teaching or Research in a NAAB-accredited program

Find Out More Through NCARB's Website: Click Link

Download Overhaul Map: Click to Download

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