Straight out of Tuskegee - The Real Homecoming 2K15 Recap

HBCU Homecomings are without a doubt some of the most legendary events that thousands of alumni across the United States and worldwide attend to recognize their Alma Maters, remember life changing memories, and celebrate accomplishments on behalf of the University. This year Tuskegee hit a high of 28,000+ attendees, numbers that many larger universities could only dream of.

The week-long event included a gospel concert, fashion shows, comedy show, Homecoming Ball, carnival on the Ave., SGA Gala, concert by rapper Future, class reunions, parades, thousands in sponsorship donations, and of course the homecoming football game. Although the game against Miles College did not end in our favor (23-26) in addition to the rainy weather, the alumni and students remained in the stadium to enjoy the game and Ball N Parlay - "Whether sunny or grey, we gone Ball N Parlay. We get crunk everyday, that's the Tuskegee way ..." is always and will forever be the unchangeable moto.

The Tuskegee Architecture and Construction Alumni Association (TACAA) Vice President Jocelyn Poe, AICP, Assoc. AIA and Secretary of Young Alumni Affairs Jakiya Mixon, Assoc. AIA, MFA were in attendance of the Homecoming events. To kick off the week TACAA released its new website along with numerous promotional pieces to encourage alumni and students to connect with the Association. The Tuskegee University Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS) hosted an alumni reception with support from TACAA to welcome back its alumni. Poe even shared how she met an alumnae who told stories of how her grandmother remembered assisting with brick making to lay the foundation of buildings on Tuskegee's campus. Poe summed up the week with the following statement,

"There is nothing like coming home! Tuskegee University is indeed home to many as I was reminded during Homecoming 2015. The camaraderie celebrated among students, faculty and friends of the institution is unmistakable. I love this event because it bridges the generations; I got an opportunity to speak with a 1947 graduate and in the same hour spoke to current students as well as future students, as I played with some of my peers’ children.

My favorite moment was after the game, as the School of Architecture and Construction Science hosted a reception for the architecture students to meet alumni and for old classmates to catch up with each other. This year TACAA maintained its presence by attending multiple events and distributing giveaways to the alumni and students during the alumni reception in the Willcox A Building. As a new officer, it was great to be able to introduce myself to so many accomplished alumni and friends that I have introduced myself to over email and finally got the chance to meet face to face.

Perhaps the most notable experience was the President’s reception hosted for TNAA Board Members. I had the opportunity for the first time to tour Grey Columns, an excellent architecture history lesson. This tour had a special meaning as we approached a glass display that housed some of the most important archives of the institution. Inside was a Tuskegee brick made by a student. What a great reminder of the legacy of the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science. The innovation and work ethic of those who came before us should be carried on through us and passed down to those who come after us. We should always be able to proudly exclaim, 'WE BUILT THIS'!"

Tuskegee University Homecoming Attendance Record


TUSKEGEE vs. Lane 31,302


TUSKEGEE vs. Stillman 28,973


TUSKEGEE vs. Lane 23,678


TUSKEGEE vs.Miles -not listed


TUSKEGEE vs.Kentucky State 16,556


TUSKEGEE vs. Central State 27,549


TUSKEGEE vs. Kentucky State 31,756


TUSKEGEE vs. Miles 28,765

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