TACAA Highlight - David Macon, Foreign Service Facility Manager of US Department of State!

David Macon - Facility Manager | POSHO | U.S. Consulate General | Shenyang, China

As Facility Manager, Macon oversees large holdings of United States Government-owned and leased properties and ensure they are maintained within accepted U.S. standards in a safe and operable condition. Develops short and long-range plans in order to effectively maintain and operate facilities and equipment by putting together preventative and predictive maintenance plans, tracking post's property inventory, determining and tracking equipment replacement dates, performing annual condition inspections, determining facility condition indexes, developing work orders, preparing inspection documentation, developing annual maintenance work plans for staff, maintaining post's development master plan, and formulating facility budgets. Oversees maintenance and repair budgets, serves as the liaison between the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) and post with regard to facility management, reports to post's upper management on facility and property issues, prepares data for briefings, ensures compliance with facility and equipment warranties, drafts statements of work for service contracts and executes service contracts. Considered the technical expert at post with regard to facilities, oversees the operation, maintenance, and repair of the physical plant, oversees contractor performance, assists with contract development, schedules and modifies physical plant operations.

View LinkedIn Profile: Here!

The Tuskegee Architecture and Construction Alumni Association (TACAA) congratulates your many accomplishments and wishes you well in your future endeavors! Thank you for providing an excellent example of professional leadership for our alumni and emerging professionals.

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