NCARB IDP - Track Your Hours

Imagine letting 3 months pass without writing down a single account of your Intern Development Program (IDP) hours. Finally, when you log in to submit your hours to your IDP mentor for approval you are now playing the guessing game as to how many hours to log and where to put them. To put the icing on the cake, your IDP mentor wants an outline of what projects your hours were associated with and how many hours align with each project.

Tracking and logging IDP hours can become time consuming and, in some cases, very messy if they are not properly accounted for prior to submitting for approval. In the efforts to simplify this process, I have created a template to assist architectural designers with maintaining an accurate (monthly) account of NCARB IDP hours. The template also serves as an excellent communication tool between designers and mentors to pin point the necessary hours to complete IDP requirements.

Click Link for Template Download

P.S. If you have already started loggin IDP hours, this is taken into consideration on the template. Enter the hours already logged and the remaining will be calculated for you. Remaining category hours will show as red (more them 50% left), white (less than 50% left), green (completed category).



1) Visit the following website to log in to your NCARB IDP Record:

2) Click NCARB Record "Go" > IDP > NewExperience Report > Select Experience Setting > Insert Required Information> Continue.

3) Insert hours based ondesignated category, as indicated by chart, and submit hours for your IDP Mentor to approve. *Note: Hours being logged cannot exceed your "Average Hours Per Week."

4) Provide mentor with PDF of chart summary and check NCARB account to make sure hours have been approved. Happy Logging!

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