Professional Development Month

There's roughly 4 more months left in the semester, and I ask, what have you done lately to position yourselves for an internship or entry level position?

Here are a few things to consider if things aren't going you way.....


Think back to the last professional event you attended. There is probably someone you haven't followed up with in quite some time. Haven't been to an event in an while? See what events are lined up on local organization calendars. (Architecture: AIA, NOMA, local firms, etc)


Have you been offered an office tour but haven't taken the professional up on the offer yet? Office visits are a great way to tap into a company's office culture and ask more questions. Form connections by learning more about a particular office that interests you.


Have you gotten feedback on your submitted items? If positive, great! If negative, have you asked questions to understand how you can strengthen these documents? It is never a bad idea to ask a professional in your related field to review all of the items above. The more professionals you ask, the more feedback you'll receive. These same professionals will also become more aware of your experience and accomplishments. Anything counts!

Throughout the month of February TACAA will be offering free resume and portfolio reviews! Visit our Emerging Professional Page and upload an image of your resume and/or link to your portfolio. Email is also an option... email your resume and/or portfolio to and we'll email you back!


The early bird really does get the worm! You don't want a bad, dusty old worm, so work hard to complete your items for consideration. While you're waiting, others are applying. Those who are continuously applying, visiting, and networking will see a break through!


For the remainder of February, target at least three new things that you have not tried yet. Job searching can literally become a full time job in itself. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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