TACAA Talk: Round Table Discussion + Pizza Party

Topic: "Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduation..."

Tuskegee University Willcox C Building Room 130

Thursday, April 14th 5:00pm - 6:30pm CT


After graduating from 4+ years of school, emerging professionals often reflect on lessons learned while working in their first full-time positions, progressing through projects, networking, capitalizing on skills and more. While we, as professionals, continue to learn, grow, and go it is important for us to reflect on the awesome stories of our first five years out of the academic realm of architecture and construction science. Join TACAA Officers as we reflect, inspire, and create a dialogue for students to engage with our alumni.

Alumni! What do you wish you knew before graduation from architecture or construction science??? Comment below so we can feature some of your comments during the TACAA Talk!

(Graphics Cred: TMGraphics - C/O 2013 Arch)

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