Revit Tip - Plan Region


Having problems with your view templates?

Is your item visibility not appearing as it should?

Walls or items shown cut-off because of a particular roof cut?

Here is a tip that can help!

With the plan region, you can take bits and pieces of your plans/drawings and make them look cleaner!

Plan Region is one of the many useful tools in Revit 2016 that can help, especially if you are pressing for time and need a great shortcut to generate neat plans.

Here is an example of what I go through on a basis while doing existing drawings and as-builds:

If you notice, this would make the average person with OCD cringe. That is why this option can help!

Go to your View tab > Plan views > Plan Region

*Before you start*

  • You want to make sure that your interior/ exterior walls and any wall based items (windows, toilets, sinks) are at the designated height.

  • Check in your properties tab to see what your current view height cuts off at. For instance: If you have items that are set a 3’ – 0” A.F.F. and your overall cut (based on your properties) is at 4’ – 0” , then your items will graphically show funny where that cut line starts.

  • Sometimes this can make or break a drawing depending on what you are building in Revit. The goal is to be precise and clean as you possibly can!

  • Check the visibility settings

  • If one window looks incorrect, and the majority looks correct, check into the visibility settings. More than likely something in the model may not agree with the item that you are modeling.

  • In some cases, walls that are not connected to the roof may show an incomplete wall.

  • Try making a small section cut through the designated area to make sure that nothing is interfering with the item. You never know what wall, stair, or any item is preventing it show/conflict.

  • (To be sure for myself, I usually cut one horizontal and one vertical in the same area. That way you will know what is really going on)

Here we go!

  1. Once you enter edit mode, make a small region over the graphic discrepancies that you are having. Make them as small as possible, If not then anything extra that is not showing, will show.

  1. Once you have your areas outlined, click confirm. (Or just click the green check)

  2. Next to Edit boundary in the top of the tab, click “View Range”- Set your view cut to the lowest possible. My typical go to height is 1’-0” because 0’-0” is technically your base height for that floor.

  3. You can also make multiple regions over multiple locations, or you can do one-by-one. Just make sure you are on the corresponding floor that needs the edit.

2. However, if you decide to do the multiple regions and it is cut a certain way through different parts of your

building, be aware once you set the cut height. Some areas may not catch.

3. Once the height is set, look over your drawing to see: what is showing and what needs to show. Keep repeating the process until you get the desired result.

4. Once you have your set result, then you can hide the areas where you made the edit.

Caution: If you delete the area/range, then the items will revert back to its actual state before you made the edit. Most times if the region is left on the plan view it will usually not show when printing, but to be on the safe side, just hide it.

☺ Happy Reviting!

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