Edward L. Pryce

Born on May 26, 1914, in Lake Charles, La., Pryce transferred from his home in Los Angeles, California, where he attended the University of California at Los Angeles to Tuskegee. At UCLA, he was among only five Black students. Pryce embraced Tuskegee.

He fell in love with an Ohio girl who he would later marry, Woodia, '36, and enjoyed occasional work for his "idol," famous botanist George Washington Carver. He graduated with a degree in agriculture from Tuskegee University in 1937.

No one in those racially turbulent times, he said, would hire him. Fate and a run-in with Tuskegee University's agriculture dean up north, Pryce said, brought him back to Tuskegee as head of ornamental agriculture. For years he was Alabama's only Black licensed landscape architect and was later chosen as the first Black American Society of Landscape Architects Fellow.

Since 1948, Tuskegee has been home to him and his wife of 63 years. The father of two worked at the University in areas of agriculture, landscape architecture, landscape design and art before retiring in 1977 as professor emeritus of landscape architecture.

Throughout his life, however, the self-taught artist has expressed himself artistically and continues to do so and teach others what he has learned along the way.

If you would like more information in regards to his history, Check out his Guide to Records prepared by the Tuskegee University archivist Dr. Dana Chandler and Cheryl Ferguson back in 2009. The reference numbers for the archives are listed at the bottom of the document if you would like to see more of his related works and info!

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