TSACS Student experience with AIAS Imagine hosted in partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering

Mariah Stewart, a student in the TSACS Program was invited to experience a chance of a lifetime with the Disney Imagineers in Orlando, Florida on May 19th - 21st.

We had a series of questions to ask Mariah about her opportunity and wanted to share her exciting experience!

What were the qualifications of being considered for the program?

To be considered for the program you needed to be a national member of AIAS and complete the application. This year’s application consisted of including an academic transcript from your school, a letter of recommendation, self-portrait using any medium, and answering a couple essay questions.

What did you learn during the program?

During the program I learned about the future of architecture programming and how new technology arising makes the architecture field more interesting and rewarding. More than ever we are combining different fields and talents into our work which makes it easy to fall under many categories. A lot of work goes into creating the “magic” of Disney sometimes you wish you didn’t know about it for that kid at heart but, its honestly amazing the lengths they go through to create some of their master pieces.

What was the most memorable moment of the program?

There they have the most amazing model of the area I’ve ever seen. It takes up a little more than half of a room but the detailing and precision on everything was so awesome I’ve never seen a model so beautiful.

How would you incorporate the experience into your future endeavors?

While there we got to talk to some fellow imagineers one of which happened to be a Tuskegee alum. They gave us great advice of where we all might be at different stages at our lives and if there’s something you want your end goal to be the path you want might not work or be available but there’s other ways to get there. Also don’t be afraid to take the cruddy jobs you’ll learn something along the way.

Congratulations from TACAA and wish the best of luck to your future endevours!

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