The School of Architecture and CSM received a grant from National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Bell (far left) and Bratton (far right) with prospective minor students Domonique Jiles (center, left), a fourth-year architecture student, and Elon Williams (center, right), a first-year history major. Both have strong academic interests in how African-American studies relate to their respective degree fields

Principle Investigator: Dr. Carla Bell Co-PI: Dr. Lisa Bratton, assistant professor Department of History Special thanks to Dr. Caroline Gebhard for the literary content

This grant will fund a new minor in African American Studies with a concentration on the Built Environment and the Tuskegee Architects.

Project Details: Tuskegee University Outright: $99,673 Humanities Initiatives: HBCUs Project Title: "Lifting the Veil": Seeing the Built Environment through the Lens of the Humanities Project Description: A two-year faculty and curricular development project at Tuskegee University to integrate humanities study and architectural training and create an interdisciplinary minor in African-American studies.

Stay tuned for the full announcement on the TU website.

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